Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fall Happenings

Again, I keep saying I am going to be better about keeping things up to date but then again if you know me, you know this is not that bad.

Things here have been busy as usual. We survived Hurricane Ike with no damage fortunately but we did see the aftermath. To make a long story short we currently still own our old house. We have had tenants in there for the past year and just after the hurricane they called me that master toilet was "running" all that time and wanted to know what we wanted to do about it. I told them to call a plumber and shut off the water. When they shut off the water the pipe burst and flooded part of the house. (Here is where the hurricane comes in) Due to Ike all of the water mitigation people in town were "busy" and it took them 4 days to dry out the carpet and by that time it was ruined. We decided to make all of the repairs and put the house on the market. The carpet will be install on Sat and it will hit the market middle of next week.

Aside from the home repairs we have been busy around town. We took Stephen to Andrew's company picnic and he had a blast. I have not decided which was his favorite part, eating the grape snow cone that spilled all over him, riding on the tractor that was made to look like a Train, or feeding the goats. I think it was feeding the goats.

Here are some pictures:

We have also enjoyed spending some time at Dewberry Farms. It is a local pumpkin patch where we can go and pick our pumpkins straight off the vines. Andrew took me there many years ago and we have been going ever since. They have definitely upgraded things since we started out going. They only had hay rides and a corn maze. Now they have little farmers ville where the kids can go an play, pig races, an animal area, fort, goatel 6 (goat feeding), and a huge roller slide. Stephen really liked the roller slide. It was a little big for him so we wet down with him. I think we each went down it close to 5 times.