Sunday, September 28, 2008

Big man on the go.....

OK OK OK I know, since I stay at home now I should be able to update this more often right? Well I am going to try to do better. It would help to know if anyone actually reads it but then again if not they don't know what they are

Well I have learned a lot the past couple of week. I can now speak Stephen. It is a cute little language where everything sounds the same but I am getting close to mastering it. Babble uce is Apple juice, nange is Ranger, and acie is either pacifier or daddy depending on the time of day. There are many more but I will not bore you with the details.

It has really been cool to learn more about what he likes to do. For instance, I never thought to give a 2yr old play dough. I figured it would be a huge mess but it is not and he loves it. Better yet it will entertain him for hours (OK so really like 45 min but still). He also love to be outside and go to the park. He would stay out there all day if I would let him. Luck for us Andrew built a swing set in the back yard so we can just go out there to swing.

Stephen has also gotten tall enough to ride his tricycle. He went on his first unassisted ride on Wed afternoon. He loves his tricycle but up until now he could not reach the pedals so we had to "help" him go around the block. I went to help him like normal and he pushed m hands away and took off in the drive way. It was really neat.